Charlotte reviews Turning the Tide

Climate change had a high profile this winter thanks to the Copenhagen summit and many of the carbon reduction campaigns. such as 10:10. And though the world’s governments came to few real agreements and the media has focused on climate skepticism it’s clear, perhaps more than ever, that individuals and communities have a decisive role to play keeping the carbon levels in the atmosphere down.

To keep the conversation about climate change going and avoid “burn out” was the intent behind the play, Turning the Tide, which Sustainable Bungay hosted on April 11 at the Library. Set in a small rural community where very different characters come to terms with changing their lives to reduce carbon emissions, the play was energetically and imaginatively performed by four actors, wearing several hats, and challenged by The Joker who turned all their arguments upside down and made them agree that the best way to proceed would be to come together, face the music and dance.

The play didn’t just stop when the cast took their bow. This was a community event in which the director invited the audience to discuss the issues explored in the play. And that was the point when a local climate skeptic interrupted the proceedings and initiated a lively (if somewhat monopolised) debate about climate science in which the 25-strong audience voiced their feelings – mostly that we might not know all the scientific facts but we did feel it was up to all of us to work together to turn this obviously critical situation around.

The play ended its month-long in Bungay and the company felt it was a dynamic end to their tour of village halls and libraries throughout Suffolk (several hosted by other Transition initiatives). “The best discussion we had, “ pronounced Open Space’s founding director, David Green.

If you’d like to find out about any aspect of carbon reduction from using one of the Library monitors to taking part in our soon-to-be-launched carbon audit, do get in touch.

Turning the Tide – A Carbon Fantasy in One Act by Peppy Barlow at the Bungay Library was performed by the Open Space Theatre Co

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