Third Hive

Thanks to Beechwood Bee Supplies we have a third hive. Imagine my surprise when on opening the box to find some donated frames (as I thought), I found a whole British National hive alongside them! So – many thanks to Hugh at Beechwood Bees, and here’s hoping for a swarm!

Preparing the hive with linseed oil

We are treating our hive externally with raw linseed oil to help protect it from the elements, prior to assembly time. We have made a right angled board so we can keep everything as square as possible. The hive has fitted together OK on a dry run, so glue and nails (I am extremely bad at nailing straight, not sure if the astigmatism or clumsy-ness is to blame) are the next step. Then it will just be the small matter of building frames and filling them with foundation, I think we have approximately 72 to do, so all those at the meeting on Sunday will be put to work!

Frame making

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