Phew, still there!

I have never been so pleased to see busy little bees going about their business as I was today. As we approached the hive it looked rather different to when we last left – the cloud of buzzing bees had gone and was replaced by gentle comings and goings from the entrance. We have an entrance block in, which leaves a small entrance for the guard bees to defend, much easier for a small and new colony.

The first job was to check the sugar syrup levels in the feeder at the top of the hive, it was nearly all gone and the bees were queueing up to get some. We then removed the crown board and looked at the frames in the hive. There were stores of pollen and nectar, and most importantly, some day old eggs and 2 day old eggs present. I’m afraid I have to confess that I had no chance of identifying the Queen today, but the presence of new eggs is a good indicator of her presence. But as I sit here late at night I am hoping that is what I saw, rather than a speck on my glasses (as it is very soon for her to be laying).

We also treated with an oxalic acid solution for varroa as we don’t have any history of the swarm and topped up the syrup, as flowers are few and far between at the moment and the bees have a lot of work building comb and settling in.

The colony was calm and it was a pleasure to see them making their new home. Lets hope the 2 queen cups were just practice ones!

I’ve also posted a short (rather poor quality) mobile phone film of last weeks swarm here. Turn the volume on your computer up to hear them buzzing!

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