Swarm Again..

On approaching the hive in order to check on syrup levels in the feeder there was a noticeable lack of bee activity, yet we could hear buzzing……..

On lifting the hive roof it was immediately obvious that there was only one bee in the hive and the syrup was untouched.

Yet the buzzing…

We found them clinging to the upper trunk of a young Ash tree about 5 metres away. Unfortunately our experienced bee-keeper was busy elsewhere, however after some frantic phoning on our part he encouraged us to try getting them in the hive again. So, suits on and with a Duplo box borrowed from the children in hand we approached the tree.

The Swarm!

With the first 2 attempts we managed to get the majority of bees into the box and into the hive, but there was a cluster remaining on the tree, which almost certainly contained the Queen. Attempt number 3 was more successful and after popping the bees into the hive the tree cluster dissipated.

Half an hour later the bees were still in the hive, some had found the syrup (I dribbled some on top of the crown board by accident), some were flying busily around the hive and some were surrounding the narrowed entrance. Not as many as yesterday were clinging to the outside.

So here we are again, fingers crossed!

The rather poor quality film below (like the photo) was taken on a mobile phone:

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