I was contacted mid-family get-together by a fellow bee-keeper and member of BCB. He had been called to collect a swarm (one of five that day), would we like it?

The swarm came in two boxes

As we had a hive with no bees allocated to it I jumped at the chance and it was swiftly delivered. Although the bees were in ventilated boxes, the heat coming from them was more than I had anticipated, as was the rather angry buzzing that was filling the car.

Gemma met us at the new hive location and between us we set up the hive, mixed up a sugar solution (syrup) and ‘dumped’ the bees into the hive. Once in, we replaced the frames and crown board, placed the syrup on top of the access hole and retreated.

As we left the bees were covering the hive and sounding rather hungry. It was a case of fingers crossed that we had the Queen and that they liked the hive.


Preparing the hive for the new swarm

Setting up the brood box on a hastily constructed stand

Ready to put the bees in the hive...

Transferring the swarm

Pouring the bees into the hive

Carefully sliding the brood frames in and preparing to put the crown board on top

Putting the feeder on the crown board and getting ready to put the roof on (taking care not to squash any bees!)

The bees are settling in - we hope!

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