Top Bar Hive looking good

So – it was the second inspection of the tbh today. The bees had built a little more comb along the top bars but were still quite a small colony. All was looking well, we found eggs, larvae, sealed brood and the queen (second most handsome in the world – can’t quite equal Superhive II queen I’m afraid). The greatest difference between this and the previous inspection was the presence of nectar and pollen stores; they must finally be settling in.

Several of the observation group hadn’t seen the horizontal tbh in action, although one has just taken custody of a Warre (vertical) one. It will be interesting to compare notes, although I definitely lean towards a horizontal system when thinking about lifting and ease of inspections.

I know I’ve said it before, but there is something really satisfying in seeing the bees living on comb they have built from scratch. I feel inordinately proud of them, even though they are just getting on with being honeybees…….

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