2nd Film showing : What children are we leaving our planet?

What children are we leaving our planet?

What children are we leaving our planet?


 FRIDAY 24th January 6.30pm for 7pm start


The film is 55min long, French with Subtitles.

£3 on the door (to cover room hire + film)

It was great to see so many people at the community centre in November for the screening of this film, which I feel particularly passionate about! The reasons being, I have two chidren who are at primary school and because the school the film is about is situated just near to where I grew up in La Drome, in Provence. Having been to school in France and not had a great time of it, it is so refreshing and inspiring to see how one headteacher, within a supportive community, can create such a great school.

L’Ecole du Colibri is situated in the agroecological community of les Amanins, a place of living, working and inspiring others by conferences, work days, seminars etc. The main ethos of the school is that of a cooperative method of learning and teaching. What really struck me about the film was the very common sense recognition that it takes more than being good at maths and english to become a happy, contented, well balanced human being! We are emotional beings and to recognise that and to allow time for the expression and understanding of emotions in a primary school setting is of such vital importance. Teaching children how to learn, how to learn together, hand in hand with how to deal with the conflicts that naturally occur when “living” and learning together. Coupled with time to relax, be outdoors, learn hands on and to be aware of and prepared for the world our children are growing up in, I feel this is what education should be all about.

If you missed the screening there will be another chance to see the film on Friday 24th January at 6.30 for a 7pm start at the community centre in Bungay. We will have an informal discussion after the film and there will be an opportunity to share some thoughts on how to take some of the ideas of the film to your local primary school, there will be copies of the film available to borrow.


Eloise Wilkinson

eloise.wilkinson@gmail.com / 07842897172

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