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  • Bungay 15 miles

    Book Now for Happy Monday June 19th

    Happy Monday Happy Mondays with the Community Kitchen is always a celebration of the best local and seasonal ingredients: the room will be decorated and the welcome warm. But it will also offer opportunities for volunteers to build their kitchen confidence, learn about local suppliers and […]

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  • assembled at the Butter Cross

    Climate March November 2015

    On Saturday November 28th, Sustainable Bungay, aided by two bees and some children, paraded through Bungay in order to raise awareness of climate change and the Paris climate talks. We started outside the Library and were sent off by Terry Reeve, the Town Reeve, pictured […]

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    Radical Roots: On Community Food Growing

    This month a groundbreaking handbook about arts and social change burst onto the bookshelves. Playing for Time – Making Art as if the World Mattered by Lucy Neal was, like Sustainable Bungay, inspired by the world-wide Transition movement. As well as discussing the social and […]

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  • Flow Hive. source:

    Flow Hive Thoughts…

    At first glance it seems exciting, new, revolutionary. It appears to have arisen out of caring for bees. The no-hive-opening honey collection system. But as one considers the Flow Hive in a little more depth various issues arise. I’m not saying the inventors of the […]

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  • IMG_4445

    Sustainable Nick – A souvenir issue

    This week saw the departure of one of Sustainable Bungay’s key movers and shakers, Nick Watts. To celebrate his very active presence amongst the group and to wish him well the comms wing of SB wrote and produced a special newsletter as a farewell card. […]

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  • BCLG 13.7.2014

    On Making Space for Nature in Sustainable Bungay

    This post was first published on 24th September 2014 under the title Mark Watson on Making Space for Flowers as part of the “Making Space for Nature” theme on the Transition Network website. It appears here unabridged. “Did you grow all those yourself?”, a young […]

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  • Wildflowers at Bungay Castle

    Wildflowers at Bungay Castle

    BCB’s Gemma Parker has worked with Jasmine Lingwood’s family to create a wildflower area at Bungay Castle. The following is an update from Gemma: When Jasmine died in 2012 she was kind enough to ask for funeral donations to go to the Bungay Community Bee […]

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  • time to go into the top bar nuc box

    Swarm! 2

    The buzzing penetrated my awareness deep inside the house. When I got to the window I saw the whole of my garden buzzing with bees as they swarmed from the hive there. It took me two tries to get them into the top bar nuc […]

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  • image

    Come and see a horizontal Top Bar Hive!

    Sunday May 4th, 2pm in Earsham. This is a chance for you to see a top bar hive in use as well as chat about bees over cake. Email or phone Elinor on 07791 495012 for more details.

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  • image

    Sticky Thoughts

    I love honey, not everybody does I know, but for me, the darker the better. And heather honey. Oh yum. But I eat less honey now than I ever did before I became interested in bees. Initially beekeeping appealed to me as a form of […]

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  • Alburgh swarm from Warre


    On this lovely April day bees have been on the move.  Swarming is how honey bees increase their numbers. When the colony is in tip-top condition, with a hive full of bees, brood and stores and a new queen developing, the old queen is sent […]

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  • IMG_1738

    College Farm Education Apiary

    Our big project last year was the initiation of educational visits for schools in conjunction with Anglia Regional Co-operative Society and Featherdown Farms. A purpose built apiary was created at College Farm, Aldeby, a fantastic spot leading down to the broads. It’s primarily aimed at […]

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  • Image2013-617

    Introducing The Dye Garden 2014

    Each year Bungay Community Library Garden has a different theme for the central bed and revolves a series of events around its showcase plants. In 2010 when Sustainable Bungay first created the garden we grew a host of nectar and pollen flowers for Butterflies and […]

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  • Bee Tea: tea and lavender shortbread, yum :)

    Edible Plants Bee Tea

    It’s a grey day today, a good day for looking back to a warmer one in the summer when Bungay Community Bees joined with Lesley and the Libray Community Garden to host a Bee Tea. Each year the Library Garden central bed has a different […]

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  • Our bees arriving at the apiary

    Come and see the Bees!

    Once again Bungay Community Bees’ colonies have survived rather a strange weather year. Long spells of dry weather following the late, sudden burst of flower energy has led to low honey stores in good sized colonies. We are currently needing to feed them up with […]

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  • IssueNo2cover-723x1024

    STIR Magazine Article on Sustainable Bungay – from July 2013

    STIR magazine is a “reader-supported” printed publication which appears quarterly in the UK and beyond. STIR looks at “the inspiring and practical co-operative, commons-based and community-led alternatives to the crises in our food, finance systems and other important aspects of our lives.” In the July […]

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  • Image4315_copy

    Edible Plant Event Sunday 9th June 3pm

    This Sunday 9th June Build Your Own Vegetable Growing Container at Bungay Library at 3pm. Plus planting ideas for vegatable pots and containers and friendly gardening chat ! Booking essential please email A free Edible Plant workshop with donations kindly requested

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  • transferring frames into the hive.

    Installing bees into the observation hive

    The latest additions to the apiary includes 2 clear tubes between the entrance holes and the hive. Hopefully we shall be able to see the bees with pollen on their legs returning to the nest. Mike added some ‘porches’ on the outside as well to […]

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  • give&growposter2013-001

    Give and Grow, Sunday May 19th, 11am-1pm

    Almost ready for our regular Spring exchange of plants, seeds, seedlings & garden equipment in Bungay Library Courtyard. An opportunity to come and meet some fellow gardeners for a chat, a brew and some swapping – all for free! Donations – clearly labelled please – […]

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  • Image3859

    NR35 Dead-Hedgers Society – the Over 50s Contingent

    It just so happened that the five of us who turned up at Richard’s on Wednesday morning to learn how to do dead-hedging with Paul were all over 50,  and so the title of this post was the ad hoc name we came up with […]

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  • The main body installed

    Mikes Most Marvellous Observation Hive

    I spent a great three hours earlier with Mike and his family as he got the majority of the observation hive installed. If I’m brutally honest I wasn’t particularly useful, but I did get to swan around taking pictures and getting a feel for the […]

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  • IMG_8261

    Considering Transition community events as cultural and creative acts

    by Charlotte Du Cann Last month as part of the Playing for Time project, a convergence of artists, theatre makers, writers and tutors met at Lumb Bank, the Arvon Foundation’s centre in South Yorkshire. We were collecting material that will form the core of the […]

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  • #2 with feeder and follower boards in place

    Top bar hives: Mike’s creative adventures #2

    The BCB Top Bar Hive design receives some modifications! Building the first 2 BCB horizontal Top Bar Hives was a real journey of discovery which I thoroughly enjoyed, since finishing those hives I have made refinements to the original design. This process of evolution partly […]

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  • Measuring the apiary site

    Bees: education project underway!

    We have embarked upon a new and exciting venture. In conjunction width Anglia Regional Co-operative Society and Featherdown Farms at College Farm, Aldeby, we will be providing  educational (and inspirational) visits for schools. There is a purpose-built apiary in a sunny, sheltered site (see it […]

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  • Hot_Beds_and_Leafy_Greens

    Edible Plants for 2013

    Hasten the Spring along this Sunday March 17th and join in with a Garden Workshop, “Hot Beds and Leafy Greens”, at Bungay Library at 3pm. A chance to prepare container grown salad leaves to take home and to learn how to make a Hot Bed. […]

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  • birdsfoot trefoil and wild carrot

    Bungay Community Bees: Wildflower Meadow Update

    As some will remember, we had the exciting opportunity in Sept 2011, to help sow a native wildflower meadow seed mix on one acre of Keith Parker’s land in Flixton at one of our Bungay Community Bees apiary sites.   In some ways the site […]

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  • Earsham Bees (hTBH)

    Bees, Bees, Bees ….they’re alive!

    I’m always a little apprehensive at this time of year; will the bees have survived? Did they have enough stores? Have they been able to maintain colony temperature? Did the woodpeckers get a tasty meal? Can the bees cope with any varroa load? Has anything […]

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  • Bees are fun!

    Bungay Beehive Day 2012: Snapshots

    We had a great time at this years Bungay Beehive Day (even with some last minute tent hitches), many thanks to all those that participated. I have put together a few photo’s to give a flavour of what went on…  Heidi Herrmann from the Natural […]

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  • for dad 199

    Natural Resources – 35 ways to generate an income?

    NR35 is not just our postcode – it’s the name of SB’s newest “social enterprise” – a subgroup starting to think about how to use our skills, knowledge and labour to generate an income by sustainably managing/harvesting the resources which are wildly abundant around our […]

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  • bob flowerdew featured image

    The Edible Garden presents Bob Flowerdew ‘No Work Gardening’ Saturday, 9 February, 5.30pm at Bungay Library


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  • Image2784

    The Plants for Life Year and Belles Tisanes de France

    It was a lovely way to end this year’s Plants for Life series. At 3pm in Bungay library last Sunday, we did a round up of the events and spoke about  what we’d enjoyed and learned from them. Then we took a visit to the Drôme region […]

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  • some of the things we've been feeding the pigs

    Visiting Maisebrook with the Pig Club

    Come join the pig club as we see how it’s done on a larger yet small and friendly scale. Their new butchery is also on show for us. We are meeting at Maisebrook Farmshop  at 1.40pm on Saturday 24th. contact Dano to co-ordinate lifts […]

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  • bringing pollen in

    BCB Bees: Update Sept 2012

    Over the last couple of months we have been lucky enough to take in some of the late summer swarms. One didn’t stick around very long but the others have happily taken up residence in our beautiful hand made horizontal top bar hives. They were […]

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  • apple1

    Abundance in Woodton & Green Drinks on October 2nd

    With the determination of Cathy Proudlove and co-operation of Woodton Primary School a small group of us today spent an hour harvesting apples from the tree in the playground. These will be brought along to the Green Dragon tomorrow night, 7.30pm  for conversation on – […]

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  • swarm in bush

    Late summer swarms…

    Thanks to some local contacts Bungay Community Bees hived five swarms in July, we lost one due to being queenless and one that left the following day, but three remain. We also had two emerge from our National hive at Barsham, it’s all got to […]

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  • PfL-A4-5 SEP

    Plants for Life #9 – Autumn Berry Tonics and Tinctures – 23rd September, 3pm

    Do join Plants for Life in Bungay Library on September 23rd at 3pm, as we take a look at (at least) three of the native, local trees and bushes which provide berries as medicine and food. We’ll be talking about hawthorn, elder and sea buckthorn […]

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  • 7830434402_87cbcc26ff_z-140x210

    Noughty but Nice and Keeping Refreshed at Happy Mondays

    This post from Mark Watson first appeared on the Transition Network website. The original is here. Mark is one of the Network’s Social Reporters, a small group from all over the UK and beyond who write individual reflections on Transition – both in their communities and […]

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  • Image1

    52 Flowers That Shook My World with Charlotte Du Cann, Sunday 5th August, 3pm, Bungay Library

    For our eighth Plants for Life event this year, don’t miss Sustainable Bungay author Charlotte Du Cann as she takes a radical look at medicine plants with a reading from her just-published book 52 Flowers That Shook My World – A Radical Return to Earth (Two Ravens Press, 2012). […]

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  • acrfree

    Bikes in Transition

    After many years supporting racing cyclists I decided that I would like to develop the touring side of cycling to enjoy our lovely countryside and invite people to join in. Often people do not cycle because they feel that they have to be dressed in […]

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  • featuredbee

    Bungay Bee Hive Day: 15th July

    Bungay Bee Hive Day is a celebration of the honeybee and other pollinating insects along with the plants they love. Unique in the region and in its second year the event is organised by Bungay Community Bees as part of the Bungay Festival and aims to […]

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  • June Pfl Poster A4

    Midsummer Wildflowers and Plant Oils – plus Plant Families at Green Drinks

    Everyone is welcome to our 6th Plants for Life 2012 event,  a demonstration of how to make wildflower and plant oils and an introduction to plant ‘simples’ by Rose Titchiner, followed by an (almost) midsummer visit to Outney Common. (Please note: We were planning to visit […]

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  • High Ash Farm, phacelia and bee

    10th June: Join us on a visit to High Ash Farm WITH Chris Skinner!

    Chris has kindly offered to speak to us on 10th June, 2.30 pm at his fabulous farm at Caistor St Edmund. High Ash Farm has been managed with biodiversity in mind for many years. The visit: Chris will show us the various wildlife habitats and […]

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  • Get your garden buzing wall panel

    Bungay Garden Centre goes Bee-Friendly!

    This week, Bungay Community Bees (BCB) launched their “Get Your Garden Buzzing” garden centre project, at Bungay’s own Three Willows Garden Centre. It has taken a couple of years from my comment “how do we help people know which plants are bee friendly?” for this […]

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  • Watching bees

    Bursting with Bees

      Finally! It was just warm enough (on a day when I wasn’t working) to have a peek inside the hive. Four of us gathered to see what we could see. I’m coming around to the idea of, or perhaps rather gaining confidence in, opening […]

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  • HM2

    Hedgerow Medicine – a review of this month’s Plants for Life event

    The upper room at Bungay Library was packed with almost 40 people last Sunday for this month’s Plants for Life talk on Hedgerow Medicine by Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal.  Julie is a practising medical herbalist and Matthew an editor and writer and their book, Hedgerow […]

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  • 20120507_130010

    Plant Swap in the Library Courtyard

    This almost incessantly cold spring has hampered efforts to germinate seeds for my own allotment and garden, and scuppered attempts to raise seedlings for this event – trays of seeded compost remained stubbornly barren on my garage windowsill. Would this effect be widespread and create […]

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  • Hedgerow Medicine book

    Hedgerow Medecine with Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal, Sunday 13th May, 3pm at Bungay Library

    On Sunday May 13th at 3pm at Bungay Library, for our fifth Plants for Life event, we welcome Norfolk-based herbalist Julie Bruton-Seal and her husband Matthew Seal, to speak about Hedgerow Medicine. Julie and Matthew are the co-authors of Hedgerow Medicine (2008), the book on foraging for medicine plants and […]

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  • IMG_8299 low res

    Walking with Weeds in pictures and words – Plants for Life #4

    It was the perfect sunny day for it. Until five minutes before we set out when it started raining. Thank goodness for bumping into Paul whilst I was doing a last minute reccy of the places and the plants we would be stopping at. Clouds […]

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  • Seeds, tea, cake and chat

    Sowing Wildflower Seeds

      Rose led Bungay Community Bees in a seed sowing session this week. It was great learning more about the plants we were hoping to raise and I really enjoyed hearing a boy’s comment about being in awe of tiny seeds being able to transform […]

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  • Plants for Life Poster April A4 Final Version2

    Plants for Life and Medicine – Walking (around Town) with Weeds – Sunday 22 April, 2.30pm

    For this year’s fourth Plants for Life event join us for a walk around central Bungay’s streets, alleyways, churchyards and meadows taking a different look at the plants we often call weeds. In line with our Plant Medicine Bed at the library and the theme […]

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  • Plants for Life March poster

    Adopt a Herb with Dan Wheals – Plants for Life Sunday 18 March 3pm at Bungay Library

    For the third of our monthly Plants for Life talks, walks and workshops, we welcome medical herbalist and Suffolk Coastal’s Community Environmental Action Advisor, Dan Wheals, who’ll show us practical and creative ways we can adopt one particular herb and find out all about it. Active […]

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