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  • BCLG 13.7.2014

    On Making Space for Nature in Sustainable Bungay

    This post was first published on 24th September 2014 under the title Mark Watson on Making Space for Flowers as part of the “Making Space for Nature” theme on the Transition Network website. It appears here unabridged. “Did you grow all those yourself?”, a young […]

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  • Wildflowers at Bungay Castle

    Wildflowers at Bungay Castle

    BCB’s Gemma Parker has worked with Jasmine Lingwood’s family to create a wildflower area at Bungay Castle. The following is an update from Gemma: When Jasmine died in 2012 she was kind enough to ask for funeral donations to go to the Bungay Community Bee […]

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  • image

    Sticky Thoughts

    I love honey, not everybody does I know, but for me, the darker the better. And heather honey. Oh yum. But I eat less honey now than I ever did before I became interested in bees. Initially beekeeping appealed to me as a form of […]

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  • Bee Tea: tea and lavender shortbread, yum :)

    Edible Plants Bee Tea

    It’s a grey day today, a good day for looking back to a warmer one in the summer when Bungay Community Bees joined with Lesley and the Libray Community Garden to host a Bee Tea. Each year the Library Garden central bed has a different […]

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  • birdsfoot trefoil and wild carrot

    Bungay Community Bees: Wildflower Meadow Update

    As some will remember, we had the exciting opportunity in Sept 2011, to help sow a native wildflower meadow seed mix on one acre of Keith Parker’s land in Flixton at one of our Bungay Community Bees apiary sites.   In some ways the site […]

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  • Bees are fun!

    Bungay Beehive Day 2012: Snapshots

    We had a great time at this years Bungay Beehive Day (even with some last minute tent hitches), many thanks to all those that participated. I have put together a few photo’s to give a flavour of what went on…  Heidi Herrmann from the Natural […]

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  • featuredbee

    Bungay Bee Hive Day: 15th July

    Bungay Bee Hive Day is a celebration of the honeybee and other pollinating insects along with the plants they love. Unique in the region and in its second year the event is organised by Bungay Community Bees as part of the Bungay Festival and aims to […]

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  • High Ash Farm, phacelia and bee

    10th June: Join us on a visit to High Ash Farm WITH Chris Skinner!

    Chris has kindly offered to speak to us on 10th June, 2.30 pm at his fabulous farm at Caistor St Edmund. High Ash Farm has been managed with biodiversity in mind for many years. The visit: Chris will show us the various wildlife habitats and […]

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  • Get your garden buzing wall panel

    Bungay Garden Centre goes Bee-Friendly!

    This week, Bungay Community Bees (BCB) launched their “Get Your Garden Buzzing” garden centre project, at Bungay’s own Three Willows Garden Centre. It has taken a couple of years from my comment “how do we help people know which plants are bee friendly?” for this […]

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  • Seeds, tea, cake and chat

    Sowing Wildflower Seeds

      Rose led Bungay Community Bees in a seed sowing session this week. It was great learning more about the plants we were hoping to raise and I really enjoyed hearing a boy’s comment about being in awe of tiny seeds being able to transform […]

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  • sawing the canes to a fifteen cm or so length

    Building bee and bug abodes

    Our group may have an unashamed love affair with honey bees, but we have come to realise they are part of so much more. They are, by dint of being generalists and by numbers, a really important pollinator insect, however they are not always the […]

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  • 'Superhive' Queen (my favourite)

    Bungay Community Bees 2011

      Bungay Comunity Bees (BCB) has captured the imaginations of many this year. Several other Community Beekeeping groups have begun and we have become known to inspiring organisations such as The Natural Beekeeping Trust, Friends of the Bees (Phil Chandler ‘The Barefoot Beekeeper’), Bees for […]

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  • around the pond

    Linking Landscapes: vitally important (but oh so difficult…)

    ‘every generation grows up in an ever depleted landscape. Growing up in a depleted landscape one thinks that that is normal..’ Oliver Rackham The Suffolk Naturalists’Society hosted the Linking Landscapes conference in Autumn 2011. The overriding theme was one of response to loss of insects […]

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  • ready to go - dried yarrow and calendula

    Salve Sunday

    December 2011 saw Bungay Community Bees coming together in my kitchen to make a healing yarrow salve, utilizing beeswax left over from honey processing. We were led by Mark, who proved to be both knowledgeable and entertaining – read about the Plants for Life talks, walks and […]

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  • neonicotinoid products (a Soil Association picture)

    Further evidence to condemn neonicotinoid pesticides

    The following has been sent to us by Friends of the Bees: News just in provides compelling evidence that Bayer’s neonicotinoid pesticides are a significant cause of bee deaths in Britain and elsewhere, supporting the case that we have been making for years. The British […]

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  • yet more sowing

    First Wildflower Meadow has been sown!

    The Plants for Bees strand of BCB had an important moment last week when with Keith and Jeannie Parker we planted a wildflower meadow at their home in Flixton. This is also one of our Apiary sites and so we should have some very happy […]

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  • IMG_6061-2

    Bungay Community Bees and the Co-op Family Fun Day

    The first thing I want to do is thank everyone at the Bungay Rainbow Co-op on behalf of Bungay Community Bees for making last Sunday’s family fun day so enjoyable and successful. I knew that the Co-op store was donating the proceeds to BCB, but […]

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    Bungay Beehive

    Bungay Community Bees (BCB) is now in its second busy year and this July will be hosting a first-of-its kind event, the Bungay Beehive – a day of bee-related exhibits, crafts, workshops and talks. After establishing three community-shared apiaries last year we are now focusing on outreach and education […]

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  • Swarm2

    Let’s Converge – Bungay Community Bees… in the street, in the café, in the garden

    Tuesday was a very exciting day for Bungay Community Bees. But where do I start? In Paul’s garden, with the arrival of a top bar hive in the morning? In the street where Josiah happened upon a swarm in the afternoon? In the Willows café […]

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  • unep_logo

    UNEP report into causes of Pollinator losses

    Bees Under Bombardment: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report shows multiple factors are behind pollinator losses. The full report as a pdf can be found here, the following is the summary from the UNEP website: Geneva/Nairobi, 10 March 2011 – More than a dozen factors, […]

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  • bayer

    Nasty, Noxious, Neurotoxic Neo-nicotinoids

    Use of neo-nicotinoid pesticides is a huge issue which is finally getting some more mainstream coverage. Decline of pollinators including honey bees has been linked with their use and some European countries have actually banned them, not so the UK. For a great summary of […]

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  • BeeBanner4

    London Bee Summit

    Last week Sustainable Bungay was invited to attend the London Bee Summit – a conference bringing together beekeepers from all over the country.  Our travelling group comprised Charlotte, Mark, Eloise, Elinor and Gemma. Although we were all keen to hear what the speakers had to say […]

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  • bumble-bee

    Planting for Bumble Bees Works

    Last night I braved the snow and ice to attend a free lecture hosted by UEA at the Assembly Rooms in Norwich. Once I had managed not to get inveigled into a Christmas Party (wishful thinking – I think one look at my mac and […]

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  • bee logo

    BCB 2010 Report

    To read a report on our first season’s experiences click on this link BCB 2010 Summary (pdf 820kb )

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  • Geranium and Morning Glory

    Bees flowers and gardens

    A few weeks back Charlotte and I gave a talk on some research we’ve doing on bees and plants. I’ve been looking at what bees collect from plants (pollen, nectar, propolis etc.) and hence, what constitutes a good bee garden? Charlotte’s been looking at wildflowers […]

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  • bird's foot trefoil

    Wild Flowers for Bees

    by CHARLOTTE DU CANN This is a wild flower list primarily for honeybees. Honeybees “work” flowers in a different way from bumble and other wild bees. They like to visit a stand of one species of flower at a time, rather than hop from one […]

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  • Purple flowers


    Two of our Bungay Community Bees members have been – and continue to be – busy researching the relationship between bees and flowers. Initially they are building a picture of plants useful to bees for nectar, pollen and propolis, placing them within the bee year. […]

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